FreshX for HER Toilet Paper Spray

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The eco-friendly flushable toilet feminine pH balanced wet wipe made by women for women that doesn’t cost the earth.

FreshX for HER Toilet Paper Spray upgrades toilet roll into a pH balanced, biodegradable, flushable intimate feminine wet wipe that won’t block pipes, clog sewers or create nasty wet wipe fatbergs in our oceans.

50ml bottle makes up to 100 flushable wet wipes - Rose and Geranium.

  • MADE BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN: pH Balanced to protect your most intimate areas and infused with preBIULIN FOS - a nourishing prebiotic - for a more hygienic clean that combats age related odour changes and helps balance the natural feminine flora
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY & GYNECOLOGICALLY APPROVED: Certified paraben and alcohol free and hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin
  • LOADED WITH GOOD STUFF: Lightly scented with organic rosewater and geranium oil this gentle spray prevents irritation and reduces itchiness
  • 100% FLUSHABLE & BIODREGRADABLE: turns tissue into a wet wipe that breaks down exactly the same as your toilet roll. Each 50ml bottle creates up to 100 fresh wipes
  • SUPER PORTABLE: use it at home, pop it in your handbag or take it on holiday our 50ml bottles are the perfect size. Plus fully recyclable packaging means kinder for you and kinder for the planet

Our impact


How to use

  • Free from alcohol, parabens and phenoxyethanol and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin you can use with ease and comfort.

  • Containing aloe vera and green tea extracts each bottle is packed vitamin E and B5 to soothe, moisturise and promote healthy skin.

  • Simply take a tissue, fold and spritz!

  • Apply a number of sprays onto toilet tissue to create a fresh and 100% flushable wet wipe that breaks down exactly the same as your toilet roll.

  • Each spray disperses naturally across the surface of the tissue for a perfect wipe every time.