alternatives to wet wipes

Why wet wipes are bad for the environment and what are your alternatives

We use 14.000 wet wipes every second!

Many of us turn to a wet wipe for convenience, however many of us don’t realise the impact that they have on the environment, our oceans and inevitably our water bills.

On average in the UK, Thames Water alone remove 30 tonnes of unflushable material from just one site each day – costing £18m a year. 93% of sewer blockages are as a result of toilet and make up wet wipes being flushed down the loo. Sewer blockages cause amongst other things, flooding which costs water companies £100m a year. Rising costs for water companies inevitably cost the end user in increased bills.


What are wet wipes made of?

Most wet wipes look like they are made of cotton – they are white, soft, and absorbent. However, most of them are made of polyester and polypropylene. In fact, nearly all of them are pieces of nonwoven fabric which resemble cloth or cotton qualities. In other words, most toilet, make up or baby wet wipes are made of plastic. And if this was not enough, wet wipes carry a hidden consequence – but this time with their formulas. Makeup removal wipes are soaked in solutions that are packed with microplastics. Therefore by using them, we pollute the environment by using single-use plastic and by releasing millions of microfibres & microplastics into the ocean.


Many wipes say they are flushable

Most people think wet wipes are safe to flush down the loo. You may have read the packaging and believed the sneaky manufacturer’s claim that they’re flushable. Don’t be fooled – they’re not! They’re mainly made of plastic, so they don’t break down like loo paper. While many wipes will claim to be flushable, water companies still insist that you don’t let anything but the 3 Ps down the drain, that’s Pee, Poo, and Paper.


So what happens if you bin the wipe instead of flushing the wipe?

Wet wipes end up in landfill where they take up to 100 years to break down. Even when wet wipes manage to break down, they shed fibres and those containing plastic slowly break down into microplastics, polluting land, rivers and oceans, and entering wildlife and human food chains.

What you can do to help.

We have range of alternative wet wipe products that are kinder to you than traditional wet wipes but without costing the earth and will save you money in the long run.


FreshX Toilet Paper Spray

The eco-friendly toilet paper spray that doesn’t cost the earth. FreshX toilet paper spray turns loo roll into a biodegradable, flushable wet wipe that won’t block pipes, clog sewers or create nasty wet wipe fatbergs in our oceans. Developed with the full family in mind, the spray features natural botanicals including vitamin E and B5, it cleans by lightly moistening the tissue making it both soothing and hydrating. Upgrade your loo roll and simply spritz, wipe and flush and feel clean and fresh.

Anyone who uses toilet wet wipes or feel they need a proper post loo clean without the wet wipe guilt will love FreshX Toilet Paper Spray.


Green Face Co Make Up Remover Wipes

Simple to use and perfect for sensitive skin our microfibre reusable makeup wipes are a chemical free, environmentally friendly way to erase the days make up with only water. Available as a pack of 20 meaning you never run out of wipes again. Simply pop in the wash when dirty and reuse as many times as you like for a long lasting sustainable solution for removing makeup with zero waste.


Little Gubbins reusable baby wipes

Perfect for babies sensitive skin Little Gubbins have a range of reusable baby wipes for hands, faces, bums and tums. Eco friendly alternative to wet wipes. Say goodbye to disposable baby wipes with this A long lasting wash and reusable solution that’s kind to babies skin without costing the earth


Are you ready to do your bit and be kinder to our earth?