Reusable make up wipes

Why reusable make up wipes are better than disposables

Are you looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to your beauty routine? While we place an importance on removing our make up to care for our skin, we must also place importance in doing that in a more sustainable way. Effective skincare doesn’t need to cost the earth.

While everyone can take steps to be more sustainable, reducing your environmental impact doesn’t have to mean reinventing your beauty routine all at once. Every day we can make small, simple changes that will help make our skincare routine more eco-friendly.

Reusable make up remover wipes are not only more a sustainable way of caring for your skin, they’re also better for your skin and will save you money. Win, win!


1. Disposable wet wipes leave lasting damage to the environment. Single use makeup wipes containing plastic can take over 100 years to degrade and even then, they leave behind micro-plastics that will stay around forever harming our water quality and affecting our marine life.


2. Your skin will benefit from reusable make up wipes. Our Green Face Co microfibre reusable make up wipes are kind to all skin types. Using only water our wipes remove every trace of dirt and make up – even waterproof mascara.


3. You’ll save money. Each Green Face Co reusable make up remover wipe goes through the washing machine 500 times - so that’s 10,000 times you can remove your make up. One pack will last you far longer than using packet after packet of disposable wipes. Also, our wipes only need water to remove your make up – no need to spend money on expensive make up removing creams and liquids which can also irritate sensitive skin.


4. They’re easy maintenance. Each pack of Green Face Co reusable make up remover wipes comes with a free laundry bag. Simply pop your dirty wipes in the laundry bag in with a wash and voila, clean wipes. With 20 in a box you’ll have enough to never run out of clean wipes again.


Are you ready to do your bit for the environment?