Why reusable make up microfibre wipes are kind to your skin and the environment

Why reusable make up microfibre wipes are kind to your skin and the environment

Many of us reach for a disposable wipe or cotton pad to remove our make-up  -there is another option, one that’s far kinder to your skin plus you do your bit for the environment while saving money too.


Reusable microfibre make up remover wipes are particularly suited to make-up removal and skin care for a number of reasons.


  1. They’re gentle. The tiny fibres in the microfibre material help lift away all of the make-up, so you can be more gentle in your removal technique and be kinder to your skin


  1. They’re magnetic. All of those tiny fibres act like magnetics drawing the dirt and make up and grabbing onto them without simply pushing them around.


  1. You only need water. Cold or warm, whatever your preference, you only need to run your wipes under a tap to remove all of your make-up – even waterproof mascara. No need to spend money on expensive micellar waters or make up removers that cost you money and may irritate your skin.


  1. You’ll save money. Green Face Co reusable microfibre make-up removal wipes come in a box of 20 for £12.99. That’s 64p a wipe. Each wipe can go through the washing machine 500 times so that’s 0.0001p a wipe. Far cheaper than buying packet after packet of disposable wipes or cotton pad. Oh, and they come with a free laundry bag too.


  1. You’re helping the environment too. Single use makeup wipes containing plastic can take over 100 years to degrade and even then, they leave behind micro-plastics that will stay around forever harming our water quality and affecting our marine life.


Tips for Using and Cleaning


I personally keep my reusable make up remover wipes in a linen basket in my bathroom. I grab one each day to wash off my make-up, wet with warm water and clean my face. When I’m finished I throw into the laundry basket until I’m ready to wash them


To wash your reusable make-up remover wipes use the free laundry bag that comes with the pack – I throw mine in a wash of similar colours. You should avoid using fabric softener and avoid washing with linty items. After washing lay them out to dry or tumble with no heat.