FreshX Toilet Paper Spray for kids - 3 x 50ml bottles

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The eco-friendly wet wipe without the nasties. FreshX Toilet Paper Spray for kids is a truly biodegradable, flushable alternative to non-degradable plastic toilet wet wipes.

  • PERFECT TOILET WET WIPE ALTERNATIVE: Each pack creates up to 300 fresh toilet wipes saving 6+ packs of wet wipes blocking sewers and going into landfill!
  • 100% FLUSHABLE & BIODREGRADABLE: turns toilet tissue into a wet wipe that breaks down exactly the same as your toilet roll
  • SPRITZ, WIPE, FLUSH: unlike toilet paper gel, FreshX Toilet Paper Spray disperses naturally across the surface of the tissue leaving your little ones feeling clean

Available as a pack of 3 x 50ml bottles in unfragranced. Perfect size for little hands and suitable for sensitive skin.

Product with impact


How to use

  • Little Gubbins & FreshX Tissue Spritz is packed full of good stuff. With natural botanicals including vitamin E and B5 it cleans by lightly moisturising the tissue making it soothing and even hydrating for little ones skin. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin our spray is free from alcohol, parabens and phenoxyethonal. We’ve also striped out all fragrance additives to be extra soft and safe for your little ones delicate skin.

  • Made in the UK Little Gubbins FreshX Tissue Spritz is vegan friendly and has not been tested on animals.

  • We are really proud to say that with Little Gubbins & FreshX Tissue Spritz for kids as well as our range of reusable wipes and washcloths you really can say bye bye to disposable wet wipes for good!

Designed to be the perfect size for little hands our 50ml bottles that are easy for kids to hold and spritz for added independence when using the toilet. Simply spray onto toilet tissue and wipe.